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Do you have conversations to listen, or do you have them to respond?


Undoubtedly, we can do only one of those at a time. In the simplest of terms, we are here to solve that very problem. In order to grow, to motivate yourself, to make it on your own, you need to have a chat with people who have experienced a completely different journey from yours.


That’s how you learn about what they did right and how you can avoid what they did wrong. But…


How do you do that without having the urge to come up with a response as they speak?


We, at Zed Medium talk to people and share their journeys with you for you to derive the moral out of that conversation. We have a podcast where each episode is different; each episode has a completely new individual sharing a beautiful journey and you get to be a part of it!


Now, we don’t believe in sharing what we learnt because it can differ from person to person. We leave it to you to learn from their mistakes, borrow their methods of success, be cautious of their failures and teach yourself a thing or two about how you want to live your life!

A lot of the time, we are looking for the perfect beginning to a journey, the perfect path, the perfect end. Well, more often than not, it’s not ‘perfect’ that you eventually find, it’s the ‘right’. That’s where the search ends.

Zed Medium doesn’t want to be perfect, we want to be right… for you. And we do that with a podcast and weekday newsletter at the moment.


Join us on our journey as we build something that just happens to hit the right chords.



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