#26 Are We Really In The Moment?

Hey there,


This one is about us humanoids.

We hereby call upon the long-lived, yet rarely opened, dusty old drawer that holds unrealized prized possessions of many, i.e. real and tangible photographs. Technology might have advanced enough to make a social humanoid robot - Sophia, but lamentably, it has done nothing for flesh-and-blood human wonts. What wonts are these? Earlier, we stored photos in albums, left them neatly arranged in a drawer and forgot about them and now we upload it to the cloud and forget about them (sigh).

But, long after we forget the existence of the aforementioned drawer, we stumble into it, from time-to-time (3-4 years minimum). And what we find in them is magical, don’t you think?

One photo in particular caught my eye, on the very sporadic occasion of sifting through old albums. It was my 9th or 10th birthday party, the details are a bit fuzzy but when I look at the picture, it takes me back to the exact moment it was clicked. Why?

It’s almost a blood moon occurrence today but how many times have you taken a photo and continued being truly happy after? Smile. Smile. Smile. Click. No Smile. Straight face.

Well, I’m a fan of the photo from my birthday party, not because of the photo itself but the feeling of contentment that continued after. Simpler times. Truly, simpler times.

It is ironic though. We programmed Sophia to be more human while we take a step in the opposite direction.

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