#59 A riddle for you

Hey ,


In light of International Podcast Day, this one’s about beginnings.


We’re storytellers by nature, but here’s a riddle instead to spice things up:

What’s common between a cosy evening in bed, a crowded bus ride, and an awkwardly quiet Uber to work?*

Anyway, it’s International Podcast Day today! We could use this as a free pass to plug our podcast, but we’re not going to do that. We promised you a story from this newsletter, and we still have one for you. This is one that you’ll want to listen to: it’s our story.


We were born in March of 2022. Or maybe we were born in 2020. It all began with a name- ‘Zed Medium’ scribbled down in a chafed diary without another thought in mind. But the time wasn’t right 2 years ago.

One job, one startup, and one conversation later, I dusted off my diary. There was never going to be a right time to start. Most people say their childhood was a blur of hazy memories. Our podcast childhood was a blur of juggling between new tasks, keeping up with the intense workflow, and constantly learning.

But was this even worth taking forward? A podcast that’s based entirely on people and their stories? I needed Season One to establish the idea’s credibility. In retrospect, nothing would have stopped me though. The first episode, “Your Passion Is Garbage” was a huge hit. But that’s common in any venture.


Anyone can start, but we want to keep going. So onwards we marched with the second, third, fourth, fifth-

Without even realizing it, we were at 22 episodes.

22 different people.

22 different stories.


But that’s when things needed to stop for a bit. I was running things alone. I was overworked. I was exhausted. And I needed help.

18 interviews later, there were two individuals that could make a big difference. The first ten employees either make it or break it. I lucked out; Ankisha and Harsh brought a different perspective to the table and they made things happen.

Season 2 had begun and we were going to be bigger and better than before.

And well, we grew. It’s a part of life, isn’t it? We had a lot of ideas. But we had very little time. Harsh and Ankisha lead another round of onboarding. The beauty of recruitment is in the fresh set of eyes, the eager new perspectives- in this case it was Nikhita and Vishruth.

We’re five strong now with plans bigger than ever before. We’re the names behind this newsletter and if you were willing to give us a shot here, we’re also the storytellers behind the scenes over at the Zed Medium podcast.

We won’t let you down, we promise. 


*What about that riddle? What’s common between a cosy evening in bed, a crowded bus ride, and an awkwardly quiet Uber to work? It’s the Zed Medium podcast! :)

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