#19 All At Once Equals Nothing At All

Hey there,


This one is about ticking off the list.

The moral or the suggestion in this write-up isn’t as concealed as we habitually make it out to be, nevertheless, it’s intentional. We’re venturing out and experimenting with unconventional methods of storytelling because, well, it’s fun.

My ways of working are rather disorderly and borderline chaotic. I’ve had my bouts of struggle with focusing which led to the conclusion that reaching my destination holds much more importance than the journey itself (Get what I mean?). I’m not saying I don’t like working. And as much as I loved Bill Gates and his ‘giving difficult tasks to lazy people’ statement, I don’t believe I fit in that group of people. I, in fact, prefer doing everything in one sitting, all at once, no breaks…. or that’s what I thought.

However, in the process of completing 10 tasks at once, I’d disregard the amount of attention I would give each task. And believe it or not, it starts catching up with you. I wanted to build the Taj Mahal and almost always settled for a shabby, swampy hut that you would find behind the Taj Mahal.

The drive, the energy, the will, they were always intact. Even when they were checked off the list, I thought to myself, ‘Why wasn’t I able to do this?’. And this problem needed a solution so I scoured the internet to find solutions and implemented everything I found sane.

Spending the first 10 minutes of your day making a task list in order of priority made sense to me and so I decided to go ahead with it. My first task every morning would be to make a task list and order the tasks based on how urgent and important it was, thereby giving that task the most amount of time during the day.

As the day passed, I’d tick off everything on the list. I won’t lie to you, it was exasperating at first. Writing before I could brush in the morning, ugh, sometimes I just wanted to tear those papers apart. But as it turned out, staying consistent did help.

I’m faster, more productive and way more focused now. How? This newsletter write-up was task #5 on the list. Guess all I need to do now, is tick this one off!

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