#31 What Goes Around Comes Around

Hey there,


The notorious saying, ‘What goes around comes around’, has been in a pain in the buttocks for most children who have shielded themselves from doing any wrong until, well, the authority of influence shifts from their folks to the nincompoops they make in school. Correction… *to the friends they make in school.

This story is about a time well before the mighty friendship ‘uncivilization’. We were in Switzerland, a trip that almost feels made up because I don’t remember any of it but we have proof of travel, so it’s legit.

My begetter had given my sister and me a gratuitous offering - 50 euros each. This was around 2007 so it was a lot of money (First thought - This isn’t how parenting generally works. There’s a glitch in the system). “Do whatever you want with it. At the end of the trip, just let me know what you spent it on,” he said. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Anyhoo, the trip ended and we reached the airport, dreading as we cleared immigration and waited for our flights (going home always sucked).

“So what did you guys do with it?”

We took out the money, in its exact denominations and gave it back.

“You guys always tell us, what goes around comes around. We didn’t know how it would come around to you so we decided to keep it and give it back.”

What a bunch of smart-asses. Anyway, they doubled down on the money and let us keep 100 euros each. Play it smart kids.

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