#54 Exploration Leads To Purpose

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This one is about finding purpose.


When I first got my kitten from the vet, I asked the vet what he needed. She said, “Food, water, and a couple of scratches behind the ear.” It’s been a few months and although I’m no clairvoyant cat-whisperer, I’d say he seems to be a pretty content kitten.

Food, water, and a couple of scratches are all it takes to keep my feline friend happy without wondering about work, money, passion, and his true meaning. But what about the looming shadow over our daily presence; finding our own true meaning? This is going to get a bit abstract but bear with me.

As human beings, we’re very clever animals and one of the perks of being this clever is having the ability to wonder about self-actualization. To be part of something larger than yourself. It’s a pleasant thought, isn’t it? I don’t have much of it figured out and everyone who seems to know, chalks it up to luck.

They just happened to try parachuting one day and realized that it was their real passion. Or they just stumbled across a coding tutorial on YouTube and taught themselves web design.

I used to wonder how these things just ‘happened’ out of the blue. Underneath the surface, however, they’ve all seemed to have found meaning by simply trying things out.

So maybe meaning isn’t something that strikes you, maybe meaning is something you create by giving yourself a chance to explore. Maybe it’s all about being unafraid of trying new activities, teaching yourself new skills, and figuring out what clicks and gives us purpose.

And maybe, you can create your own meaning for yourself too.

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