#24 Featuring Nothing But Films

Hey there,


This one is about nothing but films.

The reason people have different viewpoints or inclinations toward one particular story is because of their own. If you happen to like a movie, book, blog or even podcast more than another individual, it’s because you find just a shade more of yourself in it than they do. It’s also the reason why you’re offended when someone doesn’t like something you adore.

I’m a writer, a storyteller before anything else. That was my gateway to becoming a video and audio editor. In the arduous journey of shaping other people’s stories, I was tailoring my own. It all bloomed back in college, when people around me had their stories in place but didn’t have the resources… the medium to showcase them. That’s when I took up editing. It was the process of a group of people coming together to create something out of nothing.

Nothing but films, my Instagram page wasn’t an epiphany. All I wanted was to create a visual display, a magazine where I analyzed films, deconstructed a scene and wrote down my perspective on it. It was and still is, a platform that brings together like-minded artists and, about creating a shared experience.

There is never really a definite way to know that what you’re about to start will be perceived the same way you intended it to be, or that it’s going to receive the same love that you’ve put into it. Nothing but films has grown organically into a page where people visit to seek solace, to find themselves in it, and to contribute to the process of creation.

All it required was an initiation. Time, patience, and faith, that’s really all that is required to make something out of nothing. Question is, ‘Are you ready to start?’

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