#55 Fight It

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This one is about volition.


Fathoming the incessant need for a higher degree is and will always be beyond me. The more pressing question here is, if there is even a need for one?

I, myself, enrolled in a history honors because of a lack of clarity. In fact, it was a failed attempt of a sheep joining the herd to safeguard themself from unforgiving eyes of the society. I used this time, however, to reason with myself and to bargain for time until I figured out my true purpose in life.

Alas, three years fell short and I found myself, not reverting to square one but, in an extraordinary position of never having moved. My dedicated time towards finding a purpose was gobbled up by university politics, my newfound independence and in the effort of finding excitement in a degree that I never really cared for.

Befogged, jaded and surrounded by my academic folks, I was nudged towards a Masters degree; the inconspicuous gun to my head only visible to me. But the seed hadn’t fallen too far from the tree. I sought ways to bolster my voice at home and the light at the end of the tunnel formed the words - Make money.

And so, in what was a covert operation that would have put the CIA to shame, my mission to get hired was successful. A content writer for an online media firm with a behemoth for a parent company - Network18, I was ecstatic.

The job had been secured and the confidence, instilled; a confrontation with the folks about my growth as an adult would’ve checked all the boxes on this feisty To-Do list. Threats to flee away and a couple of back-and-forth tantrums sealed the deal for my cause. They did win a few bouts, one of them being a visit to my office to judge once-and-for-all, the kind of life I would have if I continued in this line of work.

And in the places you least expect to, you find the treasure that you were always in search for. The job led me to a process of elimination regarding what I liked and what I didn’t, eventually leading to two Masters - one in Media Communications and the other, a specialization in Digital Marketing.

As with all good stories, let’s scroll to the question for context. Does a degree matter if we, as human beings are to flourish or is it a burden that we best avoid?

That depends on whether you’ve come to a decision of your own volition.

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