#58 Good Things Happen To Those Who…

Hey there,

This one is about waiting.


A mutual colleague graciously invited me to what was a ‘gig’ (a professional engagement) at The Westin. The grueling 2-hour journey was never a deterrent, I knew it’d be worth it.

The majestic grandeur of the location was quickly overshadowed by the empty seats. One would expect that with great music and an amazing atmosphere, there would be more people but I realized there, there’s only so much you can control.

To make matters worse, it began pouring and the string of bad luck continued because that’s when a small crowd had showed up. The elaborate setup had to be rushed inside and had to be rebuilt in its entirety. The morale around was visibly affected. The DJ was disheartened but continued with his efforts regardless.

He took a break and we all went to have a bite. And while I had questions regarding the regularity of the circumstances, I didn’t how to initiate without deepening the already exposed wound but before I could say something, I heard someone in the background say, “It happens ever so frequently.”

After some time, we realized there was no point in staying back and decided to leave and to this day, I don’t know how it happened but the promoter of the event galloped to the café and shrieked, “Guys, there’s a huge crowd gathered! Come quickly, you have to play.”

The DJ’s eyes widened and his sullen countenance suddenly had a smile. We rushed to the setting and as fate would have it, there was a huge crowd… waiting to be entertained.

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