#38 Happily Dissatisfied

Hey there,

This one is about writing your own future.


Penning down figments of my imagination is a form of art that I want to master. Not only because it’s fun to read but because it comes true.

A couple of fortnights back, I reignited my hobby of writing. That resulted in me unearthing the fact that writing for me, eclipses anything I’ve ever known in terms of my love for things (I haven’t reached where I want to be, nevertheless, the effort will remain eternal).

Regardless, my go-to setting for a story are the confines of a café. I love cafés and hadn’t been to any good ones in a while so all the stories that I splattered on my laptop were actually scattered bits of memories from the past (with mini insertions of how I want my interactions at a café to be like, but let’s tuck that away into the box of things we will never speak of again).

Here comes the aspect that makes writing and manifesting unintentionally while writing, worthwhile. This particular issue is being written in a cloistered café, somewhere in the middle of Old Town, Prague.

There's a picture going with it, hence proving that we don't bluff often.



The point is, and we’re bringing back the introduction. If I can unfailingly think about being in a café in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and have myself end up in one just 3 months after structuring my thoughts into words, then this is definitely something I want to master.

There was a point in life where I would have said, ‘Kaash kuch aur maang liya hota.’ Translation - ‘I wish I would’ve asked for something else.’

But this time, I actually like where I am for a change.

Happily dissatisfied.

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