#10 I Feel You

Hey there,


This one is about mutual healing.

Rains extending their welcome to October felt wrong on so many inexplicable reasons. It wasn’t even the occasional drizzling, someone had left a tap open somewhere. The weather was, however, fit for how I was feeling. Gloomy, distracted, restless, yet unable to understand the cause. It had been like that for a while and the aggravation added to all the feelings.

“Narrowing down the causes would be a good place to start,” I thought. Was it the delusion that everything would eventually be perfect when you lived with someone you loved? Or was it the misconception that joining a new family, who didn’t share the same language or culture, would be an exhilarating experience? What was it? I couldn’t pin it down.

Days passed in flashes of a blur as I tried to settle into my new environment. Little did I know that it would all change very soon. I heard a yelp as I struggled to sleep one night. An innocent, pure cry so agonizing, that it broke my heart.

I scampered to the poorly lit street and there, I found him. The tiniest, cutest ball of fur soaked in the mid-October rains, screaming at the top of his pocket-sized lungs with all his might. Without a second thought, I rushed to him to comfort him and I presume all he could see was this demonic lady running frantically to harm him. He hid underneath a car and wouldn’t budge as his cry for help remained uninterrupted.

There was no one around. I had looked all over for his mother but in vain. I could start to feel my legs go numb as I crouched down to get him to trust me. We both sat there for 10 minutes, getting acquainted without uttering a word.

He finally came out of his shell and trudged toward me. I picked him up and wrapped him like a newborn in the towel I had brought (it was an instinct). The moment I held him, he miraculously stopped shaking and started sinking into my chest, as if giving in to me. He was tired. 

All I could do, at that moment, was sob uncontrollably. It was a release of whatever it was that built up for so long, although, I’m still not sure whether the tears were for me or for him.
His beautiful, sinless eyes looked at me with love and trust as I nursed him through the night. We were both unaware of the future, uncomfortable in our situations and longed for the much-needed help that wouldn’t come our way. It was perfect.

Just as all hope was seeming to fade away, we found each other. I didn’t save him, I wouldn’t like to think so. He had saved me. But again, he wouldn’t like to think so either.

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