#1 Zed Letter Day Introduction

Hey there,


This one is about the introduction.


Welcome to the very first issue of Zed Letter Day! Yay. Long-drawn planning has paid off, we’ve finally found our way into your inbox! But that’s only because you subscribed (we don’t spam, we promise).


We’re blatantly fond of storytelling, so much so that we covered the medium of audio before venturing out to the written word. But what is the purpose of this when we’re already sharing stories on a podcast?


We’re aiming to get you a certain kind of feeling with this newsletter.


You know, the feeling when you’re meeting an old friend for coffee and you spiral into stories of the past, which eventually brings a smile to your face. The feeling when you’re on the roof of the building with your close ones, just sharing snippets from your day while indulging into whatever sin you’re into. The feeling when one of your family members, who also happens to be an amazing storyteller, comes back from vacation and starts narrating stories while you listen intently.


Well, Zed Letter Day is your weekday newsletter that aims to bring you the above feeling because sometimes, a detour from what you’re doing is all you need to get you through the day.


Short stories, personal experiences, meaningful dialogue, all packed into a beautiful newsletter. That’s why we’re doing this. Sometimes, we won’t hit the mark quite well but, that’s okay, isn’t it?


We don’t want to be perfect. We just want to be right for you. We might take a bit of time doing that, and we just hope you’re there long enough to be a witness to our journey.


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