#43 It Can Be Anytime

Hey there,

This one is about what, not when.


“Marcus, what are you studying?" I struck up a conversation with my flatmate.

“Bachelors in Political Science, what about you?”

The effort to strike a conversation had left me at a loss of words because he appeared to be in his 40s. And I know how crude this might be coming off as, but I was genuinely dumbfounded. It was a first for me.

I softly responded, "I'm doing a Masters in Digital Media."

“That's wonderful! What are your plans after that?” He receptively inquired.

“Might just look for a job in North America or Europe, what about you?” I eased myself back in the conversation.

“I want to be President of Barbados.”

“Aah,” I snickered at the sarcasm.

“I am not kidding,” he snappily corrected me, “Why would spend exorbitant amounts of money for an education that would serve me no purpose?”

That hit me like a tonne of bricks because I was pursuing my second master's degree and had no idea why.

“Isn’t it a bit too late to enter politics?”

He smiled, “I won't know unless I try, right?"

Becoming extremely invested in this person's ambition, I questioned again, “Why return to Barbados, why don't you stay here in the UK? You might just receive better opportunities.” ”Because I know what it's like to be resourceless, and I'd like to attempt to change that for my people.”

Marcus had unwittingly made me feel quite small in a mere matter of minutes. And I knew that wasn't his intention, but the weight of my own ignorance overshadowed my ability to participate in his vision.

I'm not sure if he ever got to take the road that he had generously shared with me, but he certainly gave me the drive to sort out my life.

It’s truly never too late until you try, and it just so happens that our recent podcast guest is yet another example of that.

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