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Harsh, the Creatif Alchemist at Zed Medium, is inquisitive and highly intrusive by nature. 


And his fascination with startups at the moment is on a high! He’s obsessed.


What is a startup? How does the idea just pop into a founder’s brain? How much capital do startups need? What are they allocating it to? What’s their runway?


What makes a startup go big? And what’s the reason behind 9 out of 10 of them going bust?


We had had enough! That’s how ‘It’s That Easy’ was born. Now he eats real founders’ brains. This is your raw, unfiltered, and fun guide to startups.


30 minutes of pure conversation because… well, because no one wants to listen to anyone more than 30 minutes at a stretch. 


The podcast is available on all your favorite streaming platforms and a new episode drops every Friday!

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