#16 Oceans Are Deeper Than You Think

Hey there,


This one is about depth.

The ocean has this uncustomary familiarity to it. Even with our inability to gauge anything beyond, it bestows upon us peace and harmony; except for when it’s furious and I’m not a sailor, nor do I live in Japan, so I presume myself safe, until the ocean decides otherwise one day.

On numerous occasions, I have found myself transcend into the past. More often than not, this transcendence has taken place when I’m staring at the vast expanse of the ocean. And although I believe, a harmless flashback is not all that bad, I refrain myself whenever I can. Reason? I am divided unevenly between the present and the future, leaving not even some elbow room for the past. Is that bad? Maybe. But who is the judge of that? And to be honest, I have had my tiffs with the past. But that’s just me.

My memory is abysmal - it’s both deep and bad. Explanation: It’s deep because I can recall feelings - how I felt at a certain point of time in my life. It’s bad because I cannot remember the events that led me to feel that way. And if you put two and two together, you’ll realise that might be the worst possible combination because if you don’t remember what caused all the negative feelings at the time, how would you make sure they’re not repeated?

But that day was different. Standing next to the ocean, taking in the striking seaweed stench, the transcendence hit and I was transported back to a time I had completely forgotten. I was 12-years-old. I could see myself surrounded by everyone I loved. The feeling was indescribable… I didn’t know I had this memory, I had never thought about it before. I breathed in and out and smiled… while passerby changed their routes because they assumed I was insane.

And like Dr. Strange, I was teleported back to the present where I spent the rest of the day content. My relationship with the past ripened, just a smidgen that day.

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