#40 Oliver’s Philosophy

Hey there,

This one is about not whining repeatedly.


The sashay had rocky beginnings, I won’t lie. The rackety, old bus halted midway bringing the much-anticipated trip to an indefinite kaput. People yelled on the streets, it was pandemonium at its finest.

A silver lining was that we had arrived at a place I didn’t know I was going to make a nostalgic reference to, in the future… but again who thinks of making memories while actually making them?

The reason I remember that spot so vividly was because of one individual that truly stood out from the crowd - Oliver. He was quiet and was least bothered about the tantrums people threw because of the breakdown.

But the breakdown quickly turned into a 3-day lockdown. The last of the remaining survivors, i.e. the batteries, all died out about 1 day in. The entire area had lost power, so charging devices was a 6-hour trek to the nearest town. No one was crazy enough to do that.

Everyone lost their minds thinking about losing connectivity with the outside world but Oliver couldn’t care less. He was, all the while, actually partaking in his life - going out for little walks, disharmoniously humming and just living life. Rather, carrying on and making the best of the situation.

So a couple of people mustered the curiosity and asked Oliver about his lack of regard for the situation. Oliver didn’t answer but instead humored us all with a joke. Everyone giggled and the room was filled with a beautiful energy.

That’s when Oliver decided to repeat the joke. But this time, no one laughed.

“Hey, what happened? We can't snicker at the same joke again and again. But worrying, crying and making a fuss about the same situation again and again is acceptable?”

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