#41 Only A Matter Of Time

Hey there,

This one is about replacing your ifs.


A celebrated investor cordially invited me for lunch on a beautiful afternoon. No agenda, of course, so the mandatory act of nerving myself was defenestrated.

The choice of restaurant was impeccable. The views would have left anyone picking their jaws up from the squeaky clean floors. And the food… it was the kind that left you seductively longing for more. ‘No wonder this guy made his fortune investing in the right companies,’ I thought to myself.

He loved mingling with the ‘seeds of tomorrow’, trying to shave some years off of his age.

So we got into a friendly line of questioning and I started diving deep into my vision and all the things I wanted to accomplish, “… and if this works, it will change the way we look at the industry.”

“Your plan is sound and your focus is unwavering, that I can see. But why use that word?”

“Which word?”


“The ‘ifs’ are very dependent words. If you notice, they are always associated with our pathetic use of excuses. You don’t wake up in the morning and say - if I brush my teeth or if I take a bath, right? Replace your ifs with ‘when’.

“When’ is only a matter of time before it happens.”

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