#50 Operation Paperclip

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Countless articles and a perforated mind later, we all know that knowledge is power. And this power differs with the era you’re in – a caveman’s eureka moment of lighting a fire or a 13-year-old knowing how to hack. They both have the ultimate weapon at their disposal, just at a different time.

There is one more factor that toys with infinite possibilities of the beautiful equation. If knowledge is power, and someone is able disburse knowledge, tweaking it for a particular motive, does that still equate to power?

This is starting to look like a research paper so here’s a story (thanks to an ear-bleeding lesson in history class). Today, we live in a universally agreed technologically advanced world but what if I were to say that the origins of this world were rather dark.

This story begins during World War II, a war infamous for annihilation and ruination across the globe (duh). War, however, nudged scientists to look towards technological advancements to surpass the rest of the countries. And this where we introduce the main characters. USA and Germany. German scientists were brilliant to say the least. Their will to outperform the others led to the creation of several inventions that are better left unsaid.

The end of the war resulted in these very scientists put on trial for their actions during the most dreaded event of the century. But, USA, the champion of capitalism, saw an opportunity. “They have done nothing wrong, they were just following orders.” Bulky files containing every little detail on these scientists, barely held together with a paperclip disappeared one day leaving only one profile page with an imprint of nothing but said paperclip to indicate the voluminous size of the stack. The German scientists were brought to America with a clean slate, and the mission was conveniently called Operation Paperclip. Rumors floating around suggest that these scientists were key players in putting Neil on the Moon and when they weren’t reaching for outer space, they were busy building the nuclear arsenal of the superpower.

This elaborate story begs the question, “If these scientists were punished, would the Moon landing ever take place?”

More importantly, would we all be as connected and advanced as we are today if it were not for these blood-filled origins?

Conspiracy theories really make for good content, don’t they?

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