#18 Overthinking

Hey there,


This one is about freaking out.

A friend of mine received a very unexpected text from his boss once. ‘Meet me tomorrow, first thing in the morning.’

Friend: This is an odd time to send a text. This is not quite like him. He never sends me texts like these, and not this late at night.


Me: You’ll find out tomorrow anyway. Why bother?


Friend: I have to reply, what do I reply? Oh no, what if it’s about the meeting last week I botched?


Me: You told me it went well.


Friend: And now I’m telling you it didn’t. Was it a report I had to submit? I don’t remember anything. That’s why you make notes. Why else would he gift me a notepad? He knows I forget.


Me: (laughing) He gifted you a notepad? What kind of gift is that?


Friend: Oh no… maybe, because I didn’t laugh at his joke?


Me: Well, you have a shit sense of humor anyway.


Friend: It was borderline ageist.


Me: Sure, and how much time did it take you to register it was ageist?


Friend: Damn… I know.


Me: What? Friend: I had to get in touch with that buyer. I was so busy, I really didn’t have the time.


Me: Man, you’re really not good at your job are you?


Friend: Shit, shit, shit. I’m fired. That’s it. I’m fired. What do I do?


Me: He sends you a text and you assume you’re fired. Wow. Calm down, wait for the meeting tomorrow. And you’ll find out eventually. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.


Friend: I’ll hand in my resignation before he can say anything.


Me: And that’s what you took from what I had to say?

The next day, I get a call in the morning.

Me: So, what happened?


Friend: He forgot what he had to say.


Me: Gift him the notepad he gifted you.

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