Chintan Meghani - The Perfect Picture

Hi, my name is Chintan Meghani. I am the founder of Pixel & Lens. We are a bespoke photography and filming business. I started my professional career as a data analyst for a diamond manufacturing company when I was in my FYBcom. I stayed in that company, undertaking different roles, for over 16 years. I had tried my hand at different things, but my dad passed away when I was young, so I was the sole earner of the family and I had to act quick. This job suited me best.

We got rough diamonds directly from the source. We analyzed the quality, factored in the cost of turning it into what it looks like in jewelry ads and informed the partners of the company, who are the good sources. Somehow over the years, I realized… this is a job I am good at but don’t have a passion for. I had a passion for what I was doing on weekends and around my work schedule at the time - photography. My love for the art began during a trip to Kashmir in 2007 with the family. I had a point-and-shoot camera which I bought out of serendipity. I took good photos and was complimented on some of them. I observed other people’s pictures, wildlife pictures, all kinds of pictures. I was getting more and more inclined towards that.

Part of the reason why I quit was also because my employers didn’t have an answer to my questions. I wasn’t growing, be it financially or otherwise. So, I was 35 when I quit my job. My mom was a bit skeptical, but my wife supported me during all my shoots. Pixel & Lens had begun. I learnt more about food photography, wedding photography, commercial videography and because I was doing this on the side for the last decade, I had work to show. I have never done any aggressive marketing campaigns, but my work has shown for itself. I’m more than happy doing what I love. I choose my projects and who I work with and execute that to the best of my capabilities.

Over the years, Pixel & Lens has earned numerous awards, and more than that, the love and respect of everyone that we have worked with. I am earning more than I could ever have and I could only imagine what could’ve been if I had left my 12-hour data analyst job sooner and devoted that time to photography.

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