#44 The Intricacies Of Life And Music

Hey there,

This one is about music.


Isn’t music the ONE thing that almost everybody has a mood for at any time? Yes, we might like specific genres better than others but I haven’t found a soul who says they can't stand music in its entirety.

We’ll delve a bit into the technicalities of it all so please bear with me. When a song is made for the masses, regardless of genre, it needs to be complete, to connect with its target audience. What am I on about?

A melody has various components, instruments, and melodic notes, filling the frequency spectrum. As a maker of music, you could go through anything, any amounts of the aforementioned aspects to fill that spectrum. Most musicians aren't happy with the final result because they don't fill the range uniformly, which in layman terms means, it doesn’t sound quite good to their ears, at least not how they imagined it would be like.

Consider this: Would any of you folks actually like ‘Hotel California', on the off chance it didn't have the insane guitar riff at the absolute starting point? On the off chance that the guitar was excessively stronger than the wide range of instruments? Or perhaps, if the drums become so loud at a point that they masked the wide range of instruments? Let's be real, I don't think I'd like that rendition of the melody without question. I don’t want my ears to ring until I can take it anymore!

This means each instrument, regardless of how huge or little, should be in its place for it to sound how it does.

It's just when every one of the components is adjusted as one, then the tune sounds grand.

Where’s this story going, Harsh? How is all of this relevant?

Well, if everything in the world is finding and placing the right key in its position to make a masterpiece, what’s stopping you from applying the same principle to your life? It might take time, yes, but when you have finally pieced it all together, the results are going to be phenomenal! All you’ve got to do is seek and place. Sometimes, life does it for you, sometimes, you’ve got to do it yourself.

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