#33 The Land Of No Care

Hey there,


This one is about Byron Bay.

I’ve had concentrated doses of enchantment by particular locations that made me want to go beyond the occasional act of bivouacking. There is a beautiful coastal town in New South Wales, Australia called Byron Bay. Among the worldly pleasures it offers, it presents a feeling that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is the yearning to leave everything behind to make it your permanent address.

Don’t believe me? Well, do you believe Chris? Chris Hemsworth yo, the God of Thunder. Yeah, he vacations there from time to time. I can rest my case here but I’d like to give you a little sneak peak of life on the magical land called Byron Bay


Termed vicariously by none other than moi as the ‘Goa’ of Australia, the first time I stepped off the antique bus into the land of no care, I was taken by it’s detachment from the outside world. It was a black and white contrast to Sydney, where I educated myself (no thanks to my university and COVID-19). It was truly, in the purest form, a breath of fresh air.

It was in beauteous Byron that I placed importance on waking up early and having the most important meal of the day because the wild mushrooms spread frivolously on perfectly crispy sourdough bread was really something I looked forward. With a cup of fresh-brewed coffee after the wholesome meal, do you really need anything else in life?

A captivating beach, the most beautiful people around (in and out), delectable dishes. There was nothing else needed. I did nothing in Byron, but that doesn’t mean I felt nothing. Even though the ideal image of mediation is… well you know what it is - closed eyes, crossed legs, two hands on each side of the knew making a disgruntled peacock; walking through the streets of Byron was meditation for me.

And I long to return to that state of mediation in the future, hopefully making Byron Bay my permanent address one day.

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