#56 The Wrong Notion

Hey there,

This one is about starting.


I joined LinkedIn in 2016. I was 17 years old at the time and it was all very new to me. I had seen several people posting different things that I learned from. And I always wanted to do the same. People around me told me I should start. But for some reason, I couldn’t trust my capabilities.

“Who would read my posts anyway?” I questioned.


Life went on and I kept making a few connections whenever I got the chance to send out invites. 6 years have passed and today, I googled ‘how to find out when you joined LinkedIn’. The first thought that came to mind was, why didn’t I end up posting stuff over the years?


Today, I feel, what was the worst that could have happened?

Today, I feel, where could I have reached by just being consistent with my content?

Today… I feel, were my reasons for not starting, justified?


And today, I realize the difference… the difference between someone who started and someone who gave up even before starting.

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