About Us

We are Storytellers!

We’ve already touched upon audio and the written word to deliver the best stories to you in the most convenient way possible. Zed Medium is the platform that is bringing people together to learn more about their journey, in the the form of stories.

Because, what good is content without a beautiful story behind it?


Our Story

Zed Medium is a startup that documents and shares people’s journeys with the help of a podcast and now, a weekday newsletter.


We talk to people and about them too. And we do that in the best format available worldwide, something that we have relied on for centuries to pass on life-changing information – stories!


Put simply, we talk to you, learn from you, weave your stories, and present them to the world so that they can learn from it and share their stories too. And thou shalt benefit from this how?


Well, there are several young ones out there who have no clue whatsoever about what they want to do. They are looking for schemes to get rich quickly; crypto is a hype that they wish to become millionaires from, NFT’s are the new buzz… it’s all over the place really. But they really haven’t figured that the key is something else. It lies within their journeys and only when you talk to people, can you start to decipher the secret.


7 billion people on the planet, each with a different mindset, a different background, a different path, different interaction, different social life, different steps, different outcomes, and a different story. And all we want is to know your story.

The key to success in life is people.

Meet The Team

Aamer Khan, Founder

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to teach the world. And that's what Aamer's counting on.

Aamer is the founder of Zed Medium, a podcast where guests of every flavour are frequently charmed into dropping their guard and sharing their stories. His secret power - he is an excellent listener who asks all the right questions.


Zed Medium is a distinct blend of storytelling and life lessons without the preaching.

Have a story to tell connect with him at aamer@zedmedium.com


Ankisha Rana, Digital Jedi

Just like a Jedi is ready to protect balance and justice throughout the universe, Ankisha is the trained digital guardian of our virtual realm.

She has worked in marketing for more than ten years and possesses strong practical abilities as well as a comprehensive awareness of the digital arena from the perspectives of clients and agencies.

Any digital query? Connect with her at ankisha@zedmedium.com


Harsh Jain, Créatif Alchemist

As the French philosopher once said, "Creer, c’est vivre deux fois," i.e. To create is to live twice. 

Using the tools at his disposal, he creates things out of nothing and just blows our minds away. 

He truly lives up to his tag of being 'the creative alchemist. 

And if you have anything creative to talk about, feel free to connect with him at harsh@zedmedium.com